Canada Student and Visitor visas

Written by EverGreen Dec 2, 2014

Canada, 1st December: Are you an aspirant of studying in Canada or visiting Canada?

Let us see the details of Canada student visas and Canada visitor visas in detail here.

Canada Student and Visitor visasCanada student visas—Do you wish to study in Canada but don’t know how? Well, this is possible through getting a Canada student visa. Canada student visa application can be made by the aspirant for studying in Canada.

<blockquote> Canada student visa and Canada visitor visa allow foreigners to study in Canada and visit Canada respectively. </blockquote>

Canada Temporary Resident Visa—Canada TRV(Temporary Resident Visa) is meant for traveling to Canada. This is meant for some foreigners depending on their citizenship. Foreigners who are neither Canada citizens nor Canada permanent residents need a visa to come to Canada. This rule is also applicable to temporary residents who are supposed to be transiting in Canada.

There are some factors to be fulfilled for qualifying for TRV. One needs to be in good health, not be a risk to Canada security, must have sufficient money for maintaining in Canada and return back, and satisfy the official that he or she will leave Canada once his or her stay ends.

An important point in this regard is that a TRV is needed to be obtained before one’s departure since it is not allowed to be obtained on arrival in Canada for anyone wanting to come to Canada for a temporary period of time, the CIC clarifies(CIC—Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

However, Canada TRV is meant for a temporary stay in Canada and requires the holder of such Canada visa to leave Canada after his or her stay.

The rules require clearing a medical examination along with an invitation letter from the host staying in Canada. The stay period(generally) happens to be six months for staying in Canada for holders of Canada Temporary Resident Visa.

Canada TRV for foreign students, foreign workers--Foreign students as well as temporary foreign workers are allowed to come to Canada. And the period of stay in Canada depends on different conditions. In addition, one can also make an application to Canada immigration department CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) for getting an extension to stay in Canada.

Following are considered to be visitors for coming to Canada on a Canada temporary resident visa—

  • Foreigners coming to visit Family;
  • Foreigners coming to Canada on a holiday
  • Foreigners coming to Canada for conducting business etc.

It needs to be noted that foreign visitors are allowed to stay in Canada for a limited period of time and are subject to different conditions and rules.


Canada Express Entry 2015 for Federal Skilled Worker Immigration

Written by EverGreen Nov 5, 2014

Canada, 5th November: Are you interested in knowing Canada Express Entry 2015 details?

If yes, then here is all the information about Canada Express Entry 2015 to become effective from January 2015.

Canada-Express-Entry-ProgramCanada Express Entry Program—Come 2015 and Canada will be introducing its Express Entry Program for foreign skilled workers wanting to come and work in Canada.

<blockquote> Canada Express Entry Program 2015 will become effective from January 2015. </blockquote>

  • Applicant for Canada Express Entry form online will be required to provide details about his or her age, qualification, language skills, Canadian experience, Canada education, language skills of spouse and having any blood relations living in Canada.
  • Such an applicant will be required to provide information about which Canada economic class immigration program he or she is applying—that is—Canadian Foreign Trades person Class, Canada Federal Skilled Worker Class or Canadian Experience Class.
  • Such an applicant will be checked if he or she fulfills the criteria of selection under the above stated immigration program or not. The applicant needs to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria for filing under Canada Express Entry program.
  • It is only after the concerned applicant fulfills the criteria of selection that he or she shall be included in the pool of candidates.
  • The pool of applicants will be ranked by the electronic process with increased chances for those appearing at a higher rank to receive application for filing of Canada permanent residence application. Any available Canada job offer must also be filed by the candidates in order to be a part of the pool. This will increase their ranking in Canada express entry pool for getting invitation for filing of Canada PR application from Canada immigration department—CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada).
  • Meanwhile, although, its too early to state whether applications without Canada job offer shall get accepted or not, but still, its being viewed that Canada may allow applications fulfilling basic criteria of selection even not accompanied by Canada job offer(although such applicants may rank lower in the ranking over those having Canada job offer).
  • The good thing is that those without Canada job offer need not despair as such applicants can file their resume in Canada Job Bank for assessment by Canada provincial governments and Canada employers. Also, job search can be undertaken by such applicants for applying against job advertised online.
  • Canada provinces have their own quota or intake for nomination of applicants. So, one can look forward to getting nominated by Canada provinces. Provincial nomination will increase ranking in pool and improve chances of getting selected for receiving invitation for Canada permanent residence visa.

Reasons for Refusal for a Canada Permanent Resident Visa

Written by EverGreen Nov 5, 2014

Canada, 4th November: Have you been refused for a Canada Permanent Resident Visa and want to know the reason behind such refusal by Canada immigration department?

Well, Canada immigration department can refuse Canada permanent resident visa for a number of reasons. Lets see the different reasons for such refusal one by one here.

Canada permanent resident visaRefusal for Canada permanent resident visa—Reasons behind refusal for Canada permanent resident visa could vary. Thousands of foreigners apply for Canada permanent resident visa for coming to Canada each year. So, lets see different reasons for refusal of Canada permanent resident visa—

  • Deadline missed—Missing the deadline for submission of Canada permanent resident visa application could be one of the reasons behind refusal of a Canada permanent resident visa. Canada immigration department has a deadline for last date of submission of application forms for Canada permanent resident visa. And anyone getting late for such submission is going to face a rejection of his or her application for Canada permanent resident visa.
  • Misrepresentation of information—Any misrepresentation of information pertaining to the applicant’s vital details will lead to refusal of Canada permanent resident visa. This could be either giving wrong information or not providing full details so as to conceal or hide any facts from Canada immigration department.
  • Criminal reasons—If the applicant is found to have any criminal involvement that could pose a threat to safety or health of other residents, then the applicant will be refused Canada permanent resident visa.
  • Health—Health or medical checks are mandatory for all applicants seeking Canada permanent resident visa. Such checks must be by any doctor who is recognized by CIC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Applicants who need medication for any problem that could seem to be burden for universal healthcare system of Canada might be refused entry.
  • Vital documents not attached—If vital documents are not attached by the applicant along with the application form, Canada immigration department is going to refuse Canada permanent resident visa application at the outset.
  • Don’t know eligibilty rules—Applicants need to know all the eligibility requirements for Canada permanent resident visa before applying. This means knowing age, qualifications and other rules for making an application. Failure to do so is likely to result in refusal of Canada permanent resident visa for the concerned applicant by Canada immigration department.

So, it is mandatory to keep all the above requirements in mind before making an application for Canada permanent resident visa.


US Victim Visas for US immigrants

Written by EverGreen Nov 1, 2014

United States, 31st October: US Victim visas are meant to allow undocumented immigrants to live in the US provided they happen to be victims of crimes.

Yes, U Visas or the US Victim Visas are special US visas for crime victims to live in the US lawfully.

U visas—U visa is a special type of US visa allowing the person to live as well as work in the US for a period of four years. And this special US visa also eliminates any threat of getting deported from the US by the US officials.

U visaThis US visa(U Visa) is for undocumented immigrants who have been victims of crime in the US. And this provision for undocumented immigrants is really a great facility by the US immigration department.

<blockquote> US immigration department provides special U visa for undocumented immigrants who are crime victims helping them to live and work in the US for four years. </blockquote>

Details of U visa—U visa is considered to be a non-immigrant US visa. Each year, a total of 10,000 U visas are issued by the US immigration department-USCIS(US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

So, this US visa(U Visa) offers a temporary legal status to victims of crimes in the US. Another important point worth notable in this regard is that family members can also be included on the US visa petition(U Visa petition) including mother, father, spouse, children, unmarried brothers and sisters below 18 and adoptive parents and stepparents.

Work eligibility in the US—The good thing about U visa is that the applicant gets the eligibility to work in the US for a period of four years as a result of his or her petition for the U visa. All approved U visa petitions are to be accompanied with an employment authorization document.

This Employment Authorization Document is meant to be shown to the employer for getting a Social Security Number to begin work in the US legally.

U visa application is filed with a special form named Form I-918. Meanwhile, the applicant must fulfill various conditions before submission of the application. And the crime must have resulted in substantial mental or physical abuse to the applicant for making him or her eligible for the U visa.

Such physical or mental abuse includes false imprisonment, slave prostitution, unlawful criminal restraint, extortion, murder, witness tampering, incest, domestic violence, sexual assault, female genital mutilation, hostage situations, abusive sexual contact, rape, torture, trafficking, kidnapping, slave trade, abduction, perjury or attempt, conspiracy, solicitation to commit any of the stated crimes.


Who requires a UK Visa?

Written by EverGreen Nov 1, 2014

United Kingdom, 31st October: Are you an aspirant for a UK visa and want to know whether you need a UK visa for going to the UK or not?

Well, we will provide information in detail about the foreigners from nations considered to be as ‘visa national’ who don’t need a UK visa for coming to the UK.

Lets see this in detail here.

UK visaRequirement for a UK visa—Normally, all foreigners wanting to go to the UK do need a UK visa for doing so. However, there are few exceptions to this general rule of a UK visa.

Lets see what are the exceptions to this ruling.

<blockquote> Foreigners from visa national nations are allowed to travel to the UK without any UK visa. </blockquote>

Who don’t need a UK visa?—Well, TWOV(Transit without Visa) means any visa national going to the UK for traveling to another nation can enter the UK without any UK visa provided some conditions are fulfilled—

  • The concerned person comes as well as departs only by air;
  • He or she has a confirmation of the onward flight and he or she departs within a period of 24 hours;
  • The concerned person is documented adequately for the destination and also has a visa if the need be.

So, it becomes quite clear that it’s a concession to transit without any visa. And normally, the concession is not applicable to foreigners from visa national nations as foreigners need a visa.

And that too even if they happen to be in direct air side transit with the only exception being if they possess any of the documents stated below—

A valid airline ticket for traveling via the UK as part of the journey from another nation or territory to nation in respect of which he or she has the visa(in this case, there is a requirement that the transit passenger or traveler is not seeking to transit the UK for a period of more than six months from the date of his or her entry in Australia, the US, Canada or New Zealand).

In addition, a valid visa for coming to Canada, New Zealand, the UK or Australia.

An expired US I-551 Permanent Resident Card that’s been issued either on or after 21st April, 1998 or a valid US i-551 Permanent Resident Card that’s been issued on or after 21st April, 1998 accompanied by a valid I-797 letter giving authority of extension(issued by Bureau of Citizenship or a stand-alone US immigration visa Form 155A/155B that’s attached to sealed envelope or any valid Canadian Permanent Resident Card issued on or after 28th June, 2002/or valid common format residence permit or valid common format Category D visa for entry to EEA state/Switzerland pursuant to Council Regulation(EC) NO. 1030/2002.


US Work Visa Choices for Start Up firms and Small Businesses

Written by EverGreen Oct 30, 2014

United States, 29th October: US Work Visa options available for small businesses and Start-Up firms are discussed in detail here.

The US has a number of work visa options for Start-Up firms and small businesses. Let us see these in detail.

US Work Visa options for Startup firms and small businessesUS Work visa Choices for hiring foreign workers by small businesses and start-Up firms—

  • US Visa Waiver Program—The US Visa Waiver Program allows foreigners who are nationals of participating nations to travel to the US even without any US visa for a period of up to 90 days. The purpose of such US visit must be for business(including short-term contracts, consulting, conference etc.)
  • US O Visa—US O visas are for small businesses and Start-Ups wishing to recruit employees or workers with extraordinary ability in fields like arts, education, science, business, athletics or motion picture and/or television industry. Extraordinary ability needs to be proved by employer or small business.
  • US L1 visa—US L1 visas are meant for intra-company transfers where an applicant should have worked overseas as a manager, specialized employee or executive for a minimum period of one continuous year within the last three years for getting qualified for L1 Intra company transfer visa. In case, a small business has any international offices, it can be a choice for them.
  • US TN visa—US TN visas are for residents of Mexico and Canada wanting to come to the US for any professional employment. By professional employment, we mean any employment needing a minimum of baccalaureate degree or related credentials as eligibility for US TN visa.
  • US E2 visa—US E2 Visas are for foreigners making investments in any start-up firm provided they happen to be from any nation which has a treaty with the US. Meanwhile, investment amount depends on the business. But, the US E2 visa does not provide a route to US permanent residency. The US E2 Visa can be renewed and allows US visa holder’s spouse to get US work visa.
  • US H1B visa—US H-1B visa is for foreigners having employment in some specialty occupations including engineers, computer programmers or scientists. The validity of US H-1B visas is three years and is subject to annual quotas.
  • US B visas—US B visas are for foreigners expecting to stay int eh US for a period extended 90 days. This US visa is for business purpose but does not allow work in the US.

Australia provides quality education in a safe environment

Written by EverGreen Sep 4, 2009

In order to add a new stream for Non-Dependent Children of immigrants who had previously been Nova Scotia Nominees, the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSNP) is being expanded. The new stream is being added with the purpose of attracting more number of new immigrants so that the province could meet the demographic and labor market needs.

Ramona Jannex, Immigration Minister of Nova Scotia, said that due to the ageing and declining population in the province, the government is committed towards attracting greater number of immigrants to the province, and added that this new stream can be seen as an important initiative in this direction.

Applicants who wish to apply in this stream must be children of citizens or permanent residents of Canada who were themselves nominated by the province and have stayed in Nova Scotia for a minimum duration of three months and are still there. The applicants must also show the intent to permanently settle in the province and become a productive element of the labor market and economy.

Also, applicants’ name must have been mentioned in the initial Canadian visa application of their parents and they must fulfill the criteria of age, education, language, and training requirements. They will be required to prove that they have employment prospects in Nova Scotia or posses a minimum experience of one year in the past five years in their field of education.

Nova Scotia will grant a Nomination Certificate to successful applicants and then the application will be submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for being processed at the federal level.