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New Bars in Place for Sponsorship

Canada is now rectifying some flaws it had in its earlier Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations policy, which was formulated to protect family members who migrate under the Family Class, from being subject to family violence, by preventing sponsors who are convicted of violence and sexual offence against family members, from sponsoring other members of […]

A Reality Check on Canada’s New Express Entry Program

Canada is the second largest country in the world in total area, spanning from the Pacific Ocean in the west to the Atlantic Ocean to the east. And it is the fourth largest in land area with 9,093,507sqkms of land. With a population of only below40,000,000, Canada is one of the most sparsely populated countries in […]

Canada’s New Millionaire Scheme Extended – A Possible Flop

The recently announced Canadian millionaire immigration scheme seems to have received a snub from prospective immigrants. This is evident from the fact that immigration authorities have asked for a further extension to the application window which was supposed to have ended last week. The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) pilot program, which grants permanent residency […]

Foreign Candidates Discriminated as Canadian Employers Settle for English Names

Canada presents the picturesque poster of multiculturalism, but at the same time, there is a strong undercurrent of intolerance that is flowing. It is found that an English name is chosen over an ethic name in the process of employing a promising candidate. People other than those who have English names are being antagonized. New […]

A Thriving “Shadow Employment” System Bypassing the US Congress Mandate

The US is undoubtedly a country with the most number of immigrants. Millions of immigrants seeking to settle in the land of dreams try all possible means to get in and get settled. Many millions have successfully ‘migrated’ and settled illegally. But there are enough loopholes in the system that allows most of them to […]

The First Express Entry Draw and its Results

The Canadian Immigration Authority’s much anticipated draw of candidates selected from their newly introduced Express Entry Pool system happened on the 31st of Jan 2015. This is the first draw after the introduction of the new system on 1st of Jan 2015. Minister for the Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC), Mr Chris Alexander announced on […]

Whose America is it anyway?

Centuries ago, British settlers invaded the Americas, attacked the natives and made the land their own. They established their culture in a foreign land and made a non-British identity for themselves by resisting any attempts by British and other non-British groups to settle down in their newly acquired land. They never included the natives into […]

Hearings Underway to Reconsider Quebec Immigration Policies

The Quebec government is reviewing its immigration policy to try and align it with the present realities. They have started a series of hearings to try and assess what steps needs to be taken. Prejudice against non-white Quebec communities is an age old problem. Infact, the animosity was much higher then than now. It dates […]

Work permit for Spouses Common Law Partners in Canada

In a big relief to families trying to settle in Canada with Permanent Residency visas, the Canadian government has launched a pilot programme in which the spouses and legal partners (SCLPC – Spouses or Common-Law Partners in Canada) of Canadian citizens and PR visa holders would be issued an Open Work Permit allowing them to […]

India announces online visas for 43 nations

India, 30th November: India has announced its e-visa scheme for 43 nations. So, nationals from 43 nations will now be able to apply for India Tourist Visas online under this latest facility. India offers online visas for 43 nations—Citizens from around 43 nations shall be allowed to make application for Indian tourist visas online. This […]