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The Process of Filing an Appeal Against a Canadian Deportation Order

If an Individual with a Canadian permanent residency, a foreign national, or a refugee, is ordered to be deported from the country, he or she can make an appeal against the order to the Immigration Appeal Division (IAD) which is under the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). The appeal should be made within […]

Not the End of the Road for Temporary Foreign Workers Facing the New 4in-4out Limit

When the new “4in-4out” policy, introduced by the Canadian authorities to stop the misuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) visa, comes into effect on 1st of April 2015, thousands of TFWs and their families would be in a limbo. According to the policy that was introduced in 2011, TFWs who have completed their allotted […]

Skilled Worker Program Allocation Announced by Quebec

The Quebec provincial government has announced the maximum intake limit for its Skilled Worker Program. A detailed announcement is expected on April 1st 2015, on the number of intakes and the new rules governing it. New Announcements For the period starting from April 1st 2015 to March 31st 2016, the maximum intake limit has been […]

New Immigration Policies Set to Deport Thousands

A new and heavy-impacting federal government immigration policy dubbed as “4 and 4”, is set to come into force from the 1st of April 2015. It will in effect cause the largest deportation of Temporary Foreign Workers (TFW) in Canada’s history. The policy came to be dubbed as “4 and 4” as it deals with […]

Increasing Number of Immigrants Seeking to Settle in Saskatchewan

The number of new immigrants seeking to settle in Saskatchewan has seen marked increase in the recent years. Infact, in the past decade there has been a triple-fold increase. According to a study conducted by Statistics Canada, 2.7% of the 280,682 immigrants who came to Canada in 2010 chose to settle in Saskatchewan. In the […]

The Increasing Intolerance towards Minority Immigrants in Canada

A recent survey conducted in Canada has found that there is a growing sense of intolerance towards minority immigrants in Canada. The intolerance is more because of security concerns than religious differences. The study has found that 46% of Canadians felt that there are too many immigrants. In 2005, only 25% of Canadians felt that […]

How to Obtain a Temporary Work Permit in Canada

Canada, a country with a large land mass full of natural resources, is dependent on skilled manpower for its economic growth and prosperity. Close to 200,000 foreign origin skilled workers come to Canada each year on temporary work visas. A foreign worker who wants to take up temporary work in Canada needs to have an […]

Problems Faced by New Immigrants Seeking Jobs in Canada

A recent study, that assessed the trouble new immigrants in Canada face while trying to settle down, found that finding the right employment was a problem that 46% of the new immigrants faced. Getting fluency in the local language was a problem faced by 26% of the respondents, while the climate was a problem for […]

Immigration process to Canada for Self Employed

Canada has a programme for foreign nationals who would like to be self-employed while in Canada. With two years of relevant experience within a 5 year period immediately prior to the time of application. A minimum score of 35 points under the selection grid is also required to apply under this program. The scoring is […]

The Fourth Express Entry Draw in February

On 27th of February 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) completed their fourth Express Entry draw after launching it in January this year. This is the third such draw in the month of February itself, coming just one week after the previous draw. There seems to be an urgency in their steps. The CIC plans […]