Revealed –Canada Express Entry Immigration Points System

Written by Canada Immigration Dec 6, 2014

Canada, 5th December: Before the launch of Canada Express Entry Immigration Points System, some vital details have been revealed about this system.

Let us see these details here.

Revealed --Canada Express Entry Immigration Points SystemCanada Express Entry Points System Revealed—Canada has revealed some important points regarding Canada Express Entry Points System. As per the immigration minister of Canada, Chris Alexander, Express Entry will enable Canada to choose the best qualified immigrants for filling the labor requirements of Canada.

<blockquote> Canada has revealed some important details of Canada’s Express Entry Points System before its official launch on 1st January, 2015. </blockquote>

Details of Canada Express Entry System Revealed—It is for the first time that Canada has revealed details about the Express Entry system before its official launch on 1st January, 2015.

Canada will allow in-demand immigrants to come to Canada within a short span of six months only under its Express Entry system. So, skilled immigrants shall get themselves matched with existing job vacancies in case no available Canadians are there. And after making applications online along with getting registered with the job bank of Canada government, applicants for Express Entry shall be entered in a pool. Out of these applicants, those having maximum points shall be allowed Canada permanent residency.

What are the maximum points to be given to any skilled immigrant under Express Entry?—Well, it needs to be notable that Canada will be offering 600 points as the maximum points for any skilled immigrants getting a Canada permanent job offer or those having nomination from any Canada territory or Canada province.

So, such applicants shall be picked first, informed Canada immigration minister Alexander.

Points allocation for skilled immigrants—

  • 1,200 points on the basis of factors will be offered to skilled immigrants.
  • Skilled immigrants shall be offered a maximum of 500 points for factors like age, education, language proficiency and Canada work experience.
  • Skilled immigrants will be provided a maximum of 100 points for skilled transferability factors like foreign work experience, certificate in trades and education level.
  • For age, maximum points are 110 points.
  • Maximum points will be for those aged between 20 and 29 points
  • Those in the age group between 17 and under or 45 and over shall get 0 points.
  • 150 points will be provided to any applicant having PhD or equivalent.
  • Applicants shall get 30 points equivalent to high school diploma.

Changes to Canada Live-in Caregiver Program bad for workers

Written by Canada Immigration Dec 4, 2014

Canada, 3rd December: Canada’s recent changes to live-in caregiver program are being considered to be bad for workers.

Changes to Canada Live-in Caregiver Program bad for workersCanada has recently announced a series of changes to its Live-in Caregiver Program.

Changes to Live in Caregiver program bad for workers—Canada announced changes to its Live in Caregiver program. New licensing requirements and caps to total caregiver entries into Canada are being considered to harm foreign workers.

Hence, foreign caregivers along with their allies protested against the new Canada live-in caregiver provisions. The placards held by them stated—Conservatives New Laws Hurt Caregivers. And they also had banners asking to stop stealing Canada permanent residence from foreign live-in caregivers.

<blockquote> Canada Live-in caregiver program changes are being stated to harm foreign live-in caregivers. </blockquote>

Landed status to caregivers on arrival in Canada—urge caregivers—Live in caregivers and their allies asked the government to provide landed status to them on their arrival in Canada. Speaking about this in detail, Johna Anipuesto of Caregiver Action Center said that foreign live-in caregivers must not back down in asking for Canada permanent residency.

So, the fight needs to go on to get the right to apply for Canada permanent residency.

Canada live-in caregivers felt frustrated with Canada immigration minister Chris Alexander. So, they asked the minister to treat the foreign live-in caregivers with respect and stop making false promises to them.

How are the changes harmful for Canada live-in caregivers?—Canada has announced an option for caregivers to live or not with their employer. However, live-in caregivers felt that it was not going to protect them from any misuse by their employers since Canada live-in caregiver visas are with their employers only. So, employers are still going to have wider powers over caregivers.

Recent changes to Canada live in caregiver program means dividing caregiver stream into high-medical needs stream and child-care stream. And there are annual caps for home child care providers to 2,750 annually. Also, clearing CLC Level 5 is compulsory for caregivers to gain Canada permanent residency.

In addition, high medical needs stream has an annual cap of 2,750 annually apart from clearing CLC Level 7. And another ruling requires getting professional licenses either as a register psychiatric nurse or as a personal support worker, registered nurse, license practical nurse for getting qualified for Canada permanent residency.

Canada also has stated that 5,500 caregivers shall be allowed entry annually which means a big reduction in the annual intake. Hence, Canada live-in caregivers want justice from Canada government for their rights.

Canada Express Entry—What You Need to Know

Written by Canada Immigration Nov 23, 2014

Canada, 22nd November: Canada Express Entry is starting on 1st January, 2015 and candidates need to know a lot of things about this new immigration program.

Canada Express Entry 2015Canada’s immigration system will be changing from 1st January, 2015. And aspirants of Canada Express Entry 2015 need to note some important things about this immigration system.

Let us see these in detail here.

Canada Express Entry 2015—Following Canada economic immigration programs will be covered by Canada Express Entry 2015—

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program;
  • Canadian Experience Class;
  • A part of Provincial Nominee Program;
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Platform for skilled workers and Canada job opportunities—Canada Express Entry is going to become a platform for skilled workers wanting to get jobs and existing job opportunities in Canada even before the arrival of skilled foreigners in Canada.

<blockquote> Canada Express Entry 2015 is beginning from 1st January next year and candidates need to be aware of few things about this program. </blockquote>

And Express Entry will be allowing those candidates who have a high degree of probability in succeeding economically after immigration to Canada.

Important steps for Aspirants to Canada Express Entry

  • Creating an online Express Entry Profile—Aspirants must create an online Express Entry Profile. And this will provide details about work experience, language ability, education, skills and other details. Taking an English language or French language test. For those having education outside Canada must get education assessment against standards of Canada.
  1. Express Entry Pool—Candidates will get a score for knowing their place in Canada Express Entry pool through a Comprehensive Ranking System that has language, education, work experience. Validity duration of the Express Entry profile is 12 months and applicants must update their profile in case of any changes to their education level or results of language test.


  1. Invitation of Submission of an Electronic Application for Permanent Residence—an invitation to Apply for permanent residence if you have any of the following—
  • Nomination by a territory or a province;
  • Have a valid offer of job from a Canada employer(depending on Labor Market Impact Assessment process effective at that time);
  • Is among top ranked in the selection pool on the basis of experience and skills.

Most of permanent residence applications received by Canada immigration department will be processed within six months or even less. Candidates not receiving an invitation for applying for permanent residence after a period of 12 months may resubmit their profile and enter again the pool if they satisfy the criteria.

Obama Announces US immigration Reform, Could Benefit Many

Written by Canada Immigration Nov 22, 2014

United States, 21st November: The US President Barack Obama has finally unveiled the US immigration reform.

Yes, Obama has announced one of the most sweeping reforms to US immigration on Thursday. And this means ending the deportation fears of around 4.7 million undocumented immigrants.

Obama Announces US immigration Reform, Could Benefit ManyObama announces biggest US immigration reform, relief for 4.7 million—In the biggest ever US immigration reforms announced by the US President Obama yesterday, the US is will be offering relief to nearly 4.7 million immigrants living unlawfully in the US.

<blockquote> The biggest US immigration reform by Obama would enable 4.4 million undocumented immigrant parents of US legal permanent residents and US citizens to stay in the US temporarily without any deportation fear. </blockquote>

And the best part of the new US immigration reform is that such undocumented immigrants will now be allowed to make application for jobs and even join the American society. Meanwhile, they will not be allowed to vote or get qualified for insurance under healthcare law.

The requirement for the undocumented residents wishing to get such benefits is to have lived in the US for a period of last five years and must have children who are either US legal residents or US citizens. Clearing a background check is yet another requirement for undocumented immigrants in the US.

More than four million undocumented immigrants will benefit from the scheme directly as they will get deportation relief for three years and get work permits too.

Waiver on three year and ten year re-entry bans—Undocumented immigrants will be allowed to return to their native nations during the period of hardship and re-enter the US. so, the measures will enable five million undocumented immigrants to leave the US and come back again without any re-entry ban.

Relief for additional 270,000 people in the US—Another 270,000 people will become eligible for getting relief under the 2012 expansion by Obama for stopping deportation of foreigners brought to the US unlawfully as children by their parents.

Executive action not amnesty for undocumented immigrants--Obama clearly refuted the claims by the Republicans that his move to bypass Congress and pursue executive action will lead to amnesty for undocumented immigrants.

Speaking about it, he stated that Amnesty happens to be the current immigration system. That is to say—millions are living here without playing by the rules or paying their taxes. Republicans lashed out against Obama that he has overstepped the constitutional powers possessed by him.


Are Canadians Biased Against Immigrants?

Written by Canada Immigration Nov 14, 2014

A recent survey revealed a lot of variance in the attitudes of the Canadians towards the immigrants.A recent survey revealed a lot of variance in the attitudes of the Canadians towards the immigrants. The survey was conducted to understand the discriminatory attitudes of the Canadians.

As per statistics ascertained by Statistics Canada, foreign-born residents in Canada comprise nearly 20% of the Canadian population. Most of the participants in the survey felt that it was because of the welcoming nature of Canada. However, answers were not similar when specific questions were asked.

It is not surprising to find that nearly 80% of the people said that they would not mind giving employment to, or working with an individual from a foreign country. However, only 55% agreed that these immigrants were very valuable for building up the economy of the country.

The survey conducted online in the last week of October, included 1500 respondents of which 260 were from the minorities. Questions were asked from the respondents on wide ranging issues from the comfort level during interactions, and multiculturalism to immigration.

Most of the participants agreed that Canada is the place that welcomes people from various ethnic backgrounds. This is the sentiment that was echoed by Zafar Soogrim (born in Canada) who works as a manager at a collision repair company and also by Kirth Mofford who is a technician in the same company. Both feel that Canada is a good place to live for people from all backgrounds.

Though a majority of the respondents (65%) said they welcome the multicultural society of Canada, this percentage fluctuated when one looks at the figures across the regions in Canada. People in the Atlantic regions (73%) said that they were open to a romantic relationship with a foreign national. This percentage dropped to 65 in Ontario and further to 60 in the province of Quebec.

Parissa Durrani is a Canadian in a romantic relationship with a foreign national. She feels that what is important for her is that her man has the same faith and she does not mind her different ethnic background. Salome Sallehy, who is an Iranian by birth, is married with a man outside her faith. She says that she has had no problems so far living with a man who professes another faith.

When asked about the comfort level if their best friend married someone from a different ethnic background, 86% in Atlantic Provinces said they would not mind it at all. This percentage went down to 71 in the Quebec region.

Surprisingly, 79% of the respondents said that they would be comfortable if a family of different ethnic background started to live in the neighborhood. This percentage dropped to 75 in case of an aboriginal family settling in the neighborhood.

Tougher Canada Work Permit Requirements Announced

Written by Canada Immigration Nov 5, 2014

Canada, 5th November: Canada has recently announced tougher rules for Canada Work Permits.

And its being stated that such tougher Canada Work Permit rules are aimed to strengthen compliance with Canada immigration norms by aspirants to Canada.

Canada toughens work visa rules—Canada work visa rules have become more tougher now. This has been revealed by Canada immigration department in a latest announcement. We need to be aware of these recent Canada work permit changes by Canadian government before making an application for Canada work permits.

Canada Work Permit Requirements<blockquote> Canada work permit rules have undergone a couple of changes recently. </blockquote>

  • Canada Express Entry Permanent Residence Scheme—Canada Express Entry Permanent Residence Program rules mean this program will be open for applicants under a few categories. So, applicants under some categories will be allowed to take part in Canada Express Entry Program that gets completed in a period of six months as against the period of one to two years under current scheme. Meanwhile, one needs to check his or her eligibility conditions like skills, work experience, language proficiency, education qualifications etc.
  • Canada work permit extensions—Employers who wish to get extensions for Canada work permit authorizations for some foreigners were earlier required to obtain LMIA(Labor Market Impact Assessments). But, thanks to simplified Canada work permit extension rules, foreigners whose work permits will expire within period of two weeks will be allowed to submit applications for extensions of their Canada work authorizations along with proof that their LMIA application is still pending. And Canada government will be keeping such cases open for a period of two months as the decision on the LMIA pending is awaited. Meanwhile, employers must keep timelines and filing dates while initiation of extension processes.
  • Intracompany Transferees with specialized knowledge to face more restrictions—Intracompany Transferees will now be facing tougher restrictions. To be clear, Canada requires such foreigners to possess unique knowledge and uncommon knowledge for qualifying under specialized category. And they will also be required to prove having advanced expertise and high degree of proprietary knowledge along with requirement of the skills by the company.
  • Canada Temporary Foreign Worker Program Changes—Canada has introduced changes to Temporary Foreign Worker Program. These changes are aimed to improve enforcement powers of Canada government and spur new employment opportunities for Canadians. So, the aim is to prioritise Canadians in terms of Canada job opportunities. Changes include new screening process for evaluation of applicants for job opportunities being available for foreigners(enforced under LMIA). Also, Canada has increased fees to CAD 1000 from CAD275. More penalities will be effective for any employer not abiding by rules(fines, blacklisting, imprisonment).

Canada’s new Visit Visa Application Program

Written by Canada Immigration Nov 1, 2014

Canada, 31st October: A new Canada Visit Visa application process has been announced for Indian and Brazilians.

These latest steps are aimed at encouraging more and more foreigners to come to Canada through eased Canada visit visa application program.

Canada Visitor Visa programCanada’s changed visit visa application program—Canada has announced a changed visit visa application program for Brazilian and Indian nationals. So, if you happen to be an Indian or hailing from Brazil wanting to come to Canada on a Canada visitor visa but feel the process is too tedious or complicated, then you will be pleased by the new Canada visit visa application process.

<blockquote> Canada announced new simplified visit visa application program for foreigners from India and Brazil in a latest effort to encourage more foreign tourists to come to Canada. </blockquote>

What are new Canada visit visa application process rules?—Well, under new Canada visit visa application process, there will be no requirement for applicants to make a visit to the immigration centers.


Because the changes to Canada visit visa application process rules will enable foreigners to make their application online. That’s really great for aspirants to Canada.

The new facility of online application means applications will get processed by Canada immigration department-CC(Citizenship and Immigration Canada) in a short span of time.

New Canada visit visa application process aimed to cut red tape—So, its quite clear that the aim or purpose of the new revised Canada visit visa application process is to eliminate red tape in the system. For quite long, Canada government has been lashed with criticism for holding up Canada visa applications in the process.

Prior to the new revised simplified Canada visit visa rules, applicants were required to submit proof of their economic solvency. Now, no longer do the applicants need to show such a proof. And these steps are going to give a big boost to Canada visit visa processing.

For applicants hailing from India and Brazil, the new scheme will be open. However, such applicants must have visited either Canada or the US at least once in the period of last ten years and must not have any criminal record.

The new Canada visit visa process will be ensuring an average turnaround time of only five days. That’s great. So, it will boost tourism as well as trade by facilitating foreigners to apply for Canada visit visa program.

Businessmen will be pleased to attend trade meetings etc. by applying for Canada multiple entry visas now.

Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right College

Written by Canada Immigration Oct 31, 2014

Choosing Right College in Canada

Are you planning to go to college? This is a major decision that can change your life. Students need to assess their grades, pick classes, compare costs, and do proper research. If you live in Canada, you might find yourself overwhelmed by the number of options available. The best colleges in Toronto and other major cities offer hundreds of classes, so you’ll need to know exactly what you want. Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right college and degree programs:


Assess Your Needs

What do you expect from college life? Where do you see yourself going to school? Is it in a bustling city or in the suburbs? Assess your needs and create a list of “must haves.” Think about your reasons for going to college.


Decide what kind of life you want to lead in college. Write down your interests and passions, and determine where your strengths lie. Evaluate your budget and determine how much you can afford to pay for education. It can seem crazy to have to determine at such a young age what you want to do for the rest of your life, but it’s something you must do.


Talk with Your Family

Your family and friends can help you choose the right college. Make sure you ask for their opinion before making a decision. Most students can’t get too far in the process without family support. Your parents know your strengths and weaknesses, so they can guide you to a college where you will feel comfortable learning.


Compare Your Options

Make a list of colleges that suit your needs. If you have good grades, look for schools that offer scholarships. Never assume that you must pay the full price. When comparing your options, consider the school location, size of nearest city, physical size of campus, majors offered, and admission requirements. Try to find out more about the academic and recreational facilities provided. Are there any sororities, clubs, or organizations? What about sports facilities? What services are available locally? Where do most freshmen live? Are you able to sign up for the classes you want?


Assess the campus culture and learn about the academic environment. List, compare, and visit colleges you’re interested in. Possible sources of information include the school newspaper, catalogs, videos, websites, forums, teachers and counselors, college representatives, and other students. You can also talk to your high school counselor about the best colleges in your area.

Concerns over Canadian immigration’s caregivers’ bill

Written by Canada Immigration Sep 24, 2009

On Wednesday, students from University of Florida rallied in support of undocumented students for providing them a path to citizenship, with the backing of the UF President Bernie Machen.

The rally come as yet another initiative aimed at making the passage of DREAM Act hurdle free. It should be recalled that the DREAM Act would allow US high school graduate illegal immigrants to acquire legal status in the country.

Two mock graduation ceremonies were held by UF students on the campus, and they acted the scene of graduates being dragged out by immigration agents.

Following their demonstration on the campus, the group of more than thirty students then marched to the administrative building of the UF repeating “Equality, Dreams are free”. There they delivered a petition supporting the DREAM Act which contained over three hundred signatures.

Machen himself signed the students and said that the proposal is a great one and students are marching for the right cause. He also said that it is time for action in this regard.

With the help of the DREAM Act, illegal high school graduates of the US will get the opportunity to acquire temporary residency for a period of six years after satisfying certin criteria.

Discuss immigration with public

Written by Canada Immigration Sep 6, 2009

When we look at the immigrant groups in Australia, the British forms the largest group and Australia is still the most preferred and popular destination for Brits who are looking to emigrate.

Some of the reasons which make Australia the favorite destination for Brits to emigrate are better job opportunities, warm and sunny weather, main language in English, lower price for properties, houses bigger in size in comparison to those in the UK, lower cost of living, variety of outdoor activities, relaxed lifestyle of the country, and beautiful and work class cities.

The opportunity to immigrate to Australia under a wide range of occupations also makes it’s a preferred destination for the Brits. Skilled tradespeople and professionals from the UK can easily come under the general skilled migration category.

The year 2008 marked the highest level of immigration to the country after the latter part of the 1960s. As per the official statistics by the government, 23,236 among the 149,365 permanent migrants to Australia arrived from Britain.

In total, 395,000 people from the UK moved out of the country in 2008 and started a new life in countries like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France and Spain. This shows an increase of about twenty four percent in comparison to the people who left the country in 2007. It is being said now that one in every twelve Britons lives outside the country.

As per the Australian census of 2006, nearly five million people living in Australia were born outside the country. These five million account for almost twenty four percent of the resident population of Australia.