Immigration to Canada: Requirements & Reasons

People are now becoming more conscious about finding a good job according to their requirements. They are now ready to move from one country to another in search of jobs. Many people are now actually moving from their home country to other countries, where they can expect to get a good job. Immigration is not at all a tough job in today’s world. Any person can go anywhere.

What do you mean by immigration?
When a person moves from one country to another it is known as immigration. People are ready to go to other countries so that they can find good job for themselves and get good remuneration. About thousands of people every year are immigrating towards Canada.

Immigrating to Canada
Every individual who leaves his or her country or makes a decision to immigrate to Canada expects that the country will support him. People want a home in Canada and the even the country wants the people to grow. Canada encourages many employers by making some changes in its tax structure, by reducing its tax rates for the immigrants. People immigrate to Canada find a good and also a high-level education for their children.

Why Immigrate to Canada?

Immigration to Canada is cheaper than many countries in respect to higher studies for children so many people have started to immigrate to Canada to make a better future for their children. These children in future help Canada to grow more.

Canada Immigration Records
 In the year 1913, about 400,000 people immigrated to Canada
 In the year 1950, about one and a half million Europeans immigrant to Canada.
 A new immigration act was made to table in the year 1962, so avoid religious or nationality discrimnation. Then later on about thousands of people have immigrated to Canada.

How you can immigrate to Canada?
To immigrate to Canada an individual requires different visa such as.
1) Canadian skilled worker: In this type of visa a person can work in Canada as a permanent resident.
2) Temporary work permit: In this type of visa a person can get work permit on temporary bases. And many other types of visa are available for an individual.

Reasons behind immigration to Canada

There are different reasons for people to immigrate to Canada. Every one has different needs and they immigrate according to their requirements or life style.

 Starting of a business: A person who is rich and has money and wants to grow more in the international market moves towards Canada to start a business in which he is already involved. He wants his busines to expand more. People immigrate to Canada to start new business also to earn better propectives.

 Better lifestyle: People immigrate to Canada for better lifestyles. They expect a better lifestyle in Canada as compared to the country in which they reside.

 Job: Getting job is one of the main reasons to immigrate to Canada as people expect a better pay scale in Canada which can satisfy their requirment and status.

 Self satisfaction: Many people have a feeling that if they move to other country they can enjoy well and can satisfy their needs. Immigration to a country like Canada, would also increase their prestige in their home country.