Human Trafficking Is A Major Concern For Immigration Operatives.

Human Trafficking Is A Major Concern For Immigration Operatives.

Illegal immigration is not only a breach upon the law and order of a country, but is also an outlet of the criminal activities. It is serious issue related to the peace and security of the people. The government is bound to take serious initiative to this illegal activity to save the law and order and people of its country.

Immigrant officials of Manila became vigilant about illegal immigration when they discovered that Manila and Kuala Lumpur were being used as transit point for human smuggling by international syndicates. The officials keep a thorough vigilance over the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA). Now, the officials keep strict eye on all kinds of transactions and other activities taking place at the airport.

The immigration chief, Marcelino C. Libanan is personally undertaking the invigilation of the passengers. As per his observations, he ordered the immigration operatives of NAIA-BI to keep a check on passengers from Malaysia bound for Vancouver and Amsterdam as they were found carrying fake travel documents within three weeks’ duration.

As per Libnan’s observation, the movements of syndicates follow a particular pattern and it needs immediate and serious attention as its frequency rising remarkably. Libnan shares his opinion that in order to counter the problem of human trafficking, international cooperation is the utmost requirement. Advisories have been sent to the Malaysian’s immigration officials to make them vigilant about the arrest of people carrying fake travel documents.

There have been series of cases wherein passengers with fake travel documents have been identified. Recently, NAIA –BI workforce spotted three Sri Lankans with fake passport of Malaysia and Singapore as they were about to board a Royal Dutch Airlines for Amsterdam. These passengers were there since hours and they came as transit passengers from Kuala Lumpur. One amongst these passengers was identified as Vengtespura Rao Appalanaidu, but then he fled, leaving his passport and companions behind. The airport authorities examined the passports and his companions, and sent Vengtespura and his companions back to Malaysia. Another related event took place when a Botswanian woman was trying to board a flight for Vancouver, Canada with a tampered passport. She got identified and napped for her try at the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport in Angeles City. The passenger’s name was Tshekiso Boitumelo also came from Kuala Lumpur and was later sent back to her pert of origin from where she came. Such attempts will keep coming into scene till the time joint effort is made on an international forum.