How to select a good immigration consultant

Finding a good immigration lawyer who can justify his appointment as a immigration consultant is not easy. Any consultant would profess to have excellent track record of successful cases and would be completely silent about his failures.

When confronted with his failures, he would always pass on the blame on his clients, so how would you find out the truth and appoint advocate who does justice to your application?

Many people search immigration consultants through internet, it is good method but probably such selection should be supplemented with checking about those immigration consultants through independent forums. Testimonials section of any immigration consultant is not expected to reveal the true picture as the backend of such sites would definitely be controlled by such consultants who for obvious reasons would not clear adverse comments.

Though a good immigration consultant would serve across the language and culture barriers and the ethnicity of a consultant should not come in way of your selection of such agent, especially in cases involving appeals or other technical matters, yet generally a consultant from your own ethnic background would be a good idea. More importantly, the consultant should have some sort of formal Certification to act as a Canada Immigration Law Specialist.

Understanding this part, leading consultants employ support staff from all major countries from where bulks of immigration applications are lodged.

For specialized issues as refugee status, appeals, deportation etc, just any consultant wont do; you need to choose a consultant who has developed-acquired "special expertise" in Canada's Citizenship & Immigration Law.

You may note that Canada's laws and regulations in the area of immigration change more frequently than other areas, you need to select someone who not only keeps up with the latest developments but also can handle potential legal and bureaucratic complications.

Another test that would help you to select a consultant is to check whether he has featured in any news articles, from credible publications, national newspapers or TV stations.

To help you select a good immigration consultant, realtor and other professionals, soon we plan to come out with a special section where we would be rating such consultants. Unlike sites of such consultants, here at canadaupdates, the section would not be associated with any particular consultant but would provide independent assessment of such professionals who would help you getting through the immigration process as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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