Difficulties in getting jobs for new immigrants – a frustrating experience.

As per various statistics compiled by independent agencies, each year about 35% of the immigrants who were well to do in their home country, especially in 3rd world countries, where they had all the luxuries of life, return home and not settle in Canada.

They return primarily for two reasons. First is the parity between currency (home currency) and Canadian Dollar. The current valuation of dollar does not represent the exact equivalence. What I mean to say is if you earn Say, Rs 1 lac in India, equivalent to 2500 Canadian dollars, to have the same lifestyle in Canada, you would need at least 3500 hundred dollars. Second is, in Canada, you need to upgrade qualifications for just any profession. Even if you are looking for something as simple or low end job as security guard, you need to have license. Getting a job in Canada in Canada is not simple for all professions. In fact, getting first job is tough, while job hopping is easier.

Thus when a new comer comes to Canada, unable to get a job that can get him same status as back in home country, he gets frustrated. Therefore, key to settle faster in Canada lies in understanding that you need some time to find a job, so have patience. And second, to start a meaning job search.

What I mean from meaningful job search is to understand following:
– First is that immigrants must master the language, learn the culture to gain Canadian work experience.
– Locate some good job placement agencies that offer various services to help immigrants find jobs.
– Have patience and understand that that you’re on the right track and if you are not getting the job, it is natural. Most successful immigrants you come across have gone through this rut.
– Leave the natural tendency to stick within your own ethnic group because of language and other reasons, but try to broaden your horizons to make contacts and build networks.
– Polish your business communication techniques to ensure strong written and verbal skills. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors to filter people out of the system.
– Though Canadian Society is largely non discriminating, if somehow you encounter it, don’t let it defeat you.
– Give good attention to your grooming and dress sense. Canadian society is bit informal yet pays attention to well groomed look and hygiene. Bad body odor is just a big No-No.
– Do visit the company’s website before the interview and prepare yourself with special situations that you might have to handle. Research information on their industry.
– Be open to working with a mentor in your field.
– 80% of the jobs are get filled through networking. Pay good attention to this.
– Be prepared for survival jobs but avoid taking one outside your area of expertise.

And finally, Don’t ever think of giving up have patience and be sure one day you would be in a position to help other new comers. That day don’t forget to help them.