Opportunity for Non-Dependent children

In order to add a new stream for Non-Dependent Children of immigrants who had previously been Nova Scotia Nominees, the Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program (NSNP) is being expanded. The new stream is being added with the purpose of attracting more number of new immigrants so that the province could meet the demographic and labor market needs.

Ramona Jannex, Immigration Minister of Nova Scotia, said that due to the ageing and declining population in the province, the government is committed towards attracting greater number of immigrants to the province, and added that this new stream can be seen as an important initiative in this direction.

Applicants who wish to apply in this stream must be children of citizens or permanent residents of Canada who were themselves nominated by the province and have stayed in Nova Scotia for a minimum duration of three months and are still there. The applicants must also show the intent to permanently settle in the province and become a productive element of the labor market and economy.

Also, applicants’ name must have been mentioned in the initial Canadian visa application of their parents and they must fulfill the criteria of age, education, language, and training requirements. They will be required to prove that they have employment prospects in Nova Scotia or posses a minimum experience of one year in the past five years in their field of education.

Nova Scotia will grant a Nomination Certificate to successful applicants and then the application will be submitted to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for being processed at the federal level.

Immigration Frauds

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Money Matters

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The population of new comer immigrants
Most of them are young and hold a lot many requirements that are needed by the country....