Canada’s 2018-2020 immigration plan-is it in favor or against immigration?

Many of the speculations have been going around taking most known multi-year immigration plan. Immigrants have been wondering what will happen to the immigration with a second the immigration plan that came in November 2017. Stay tuned with the article to see Canada’s 2018-2020 immigration plan-is it in favor or against immigration?

Canada’s 2018-2020 immigration plan-is it in favor or against immigration?
Canada’s 2018-2020 immigration plan-is it in favor or against immigration?

Agenda of multi-year Canadian immigration plan 2018-2020

The main agenda of multi-year immigration plan 2018-2020 is to alleviate opposing factors that is aged population and low birth rate, in the development of the economy of Canada.

How is immigration aiding Canadian economy growth?

The multi-year immigration plan estimated the rise of new immigrants from 290,000 in 2017 to 340,000 at the end of 3 years. Immigration has to play important role in the economy of Canada. As a result of immigration in 2017, the economy of Canada showed a positive rise of 3%. Immigrants who came to settle in Canada permanently leaving their home country-start from the scratch. From scratch, it means buying a home, employment, other domestic and professional needs. They end up spending a lot which favors the economy. Immigrants work in most of the untouched area of the country results in an increase in the employment opportunities in that area and which lead to decrease the unemployment rate.

What will happen if Canada immigration process difficult or tough?

There is no room for doubt about how much important is the immigration to a country like Canada. By 2030, it has been estimated that immigration will contribute not less than one-third of Canada’s GDP. We can take an example of the Atlantic Canada, where no immigration resulted in the devastating impact on the economy. Canada’s indigenous population births if we are considering a long-term scenario, will be less than the number of deaths. That will not at all have a positive impact on the economy.

Growing Canada’s labor force essential

Population growth is not the only factor that helps in the growth of the economy. More of the population growth what matters is the number of working population. Labor is the main factor that drives any country’s economy and improving the living standards of the country. More people that would work means more will pay the taxes that are required to fund basic needs such as health and education. As more of the aged generation will stop working and skilled immigrants took up-to 90% of the total workforce- Canada can’t deny the importance of immigration.

There is more to the relationship between economic growth and immigration-

The study has found that because of the employment barriers immigrants lost $12.7 billion of wages. More is not always results in better. Canada handled this issue with sincerity. One of the developments in this regard is Express Entry which allows an immigrant to work in their field of interest and the whole is easy and fast, which only took 6 months of processing.
Second is the Provincial Nominee Program which has shown amazing growth since came into an establishment. This helps the immigrants with a particular set of skill to work in the province, in which the immigrant can use his set of skills.

Improving labor market performance of immigrants

As immigrants are facing many challenges, it can be in immigration process or after that. O there is more that is yet to be done to support immigration. Some small-scale programs such as Atlantic Immigration Pilot and Global Talent Stream are in process to promote immigration. There is need to provide equal status to the native Canadian and the immigrant at workplaces. Workshops are to be held in order to encourage Canadian employer to hire immigrant workers.
So we can say that latest multi-year immigration plan is in the favor of immigration. We may agree that more is not always better but getting value for what you have is equally important. The main focus of the multi-year immigration is to enhance the productivity of immigrants rather than forcing them to do white collar jobs. The focus is to provide equal status to both the native Canadian and the immigrant. Immigrants with skills and who want some exposure they are always welcome in Canada.