Do You Qualify For The Spousal Sponsorship in Canada?

Permanent residents of Canada or citizens of the country have the right sponsor spouses, parents, children and other relatives. Becoming spouse of a permanent citizen of the nation will give a person the opportunity to migrate to Canada as a permanent citizen. This is a simple method of getting permanent residence certificate from Canadian Migration Office. Such persons would not have to go extensive scrutiny and document validation process. Spouse sponsorship will fetch permanent residence permit for living in Canada within a short time span. Generally, it takes only 6 to 8 months.

Do You Qualify For The Spousal Sponsorship in Canada?
Do You Qualify For The Spousal Sponsorship in Canada?


Conditions to Become a Sponsor

To become a sponsor for the spouse, a person has to be a citizen or permanent resident of Canada in the first place. Nevertheless, his age must be at least 18 years or more than that. Having these two basic things will be good enough to make you qualify as a sponsor for your spouse. However, there are a few factors that could possibly disqualify your application as a sponsor. Those factors are discussed below:

  • You must have past record which says that you had failed to provide financial support to your past spouse.
  • If you have been defaulted on spousal support by court’s order, you will be disqualified.
  • Your application would not be granted if you receive financial assistance from the government.
  • Past record of convicted of being guilty in sex-related crime and domestic violence will not fetch you approval for application of sponsorship.
  • Other factors that may disqualify you are: bankrupted, imprisoned, serious criminal offence, etc.

Sponsor Living Abroad

If you are not living in Canada, you can still be the sponsor of your spouse. That means your spouse can obtain permanent residence permit under the condition that shows your intent to return to Canada.

  • Visa expiring to a country where you are living at present.
  • You have a job offer at Canada.
  • Visa of the spouse is expiring in present country of residence.
  • Plan for raising a family in Canada
  • Ownership of real estate properties in Canada
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Recently, Spouse sponsorship has been made even easier for citizens of Canada. It takes lesser time than earlier for approval of such applications. However, getting approval for spouse’s permanent residence permit in Canada could be doubtful as well as a little difficult in case of conjugal marriage and live in relationships. Sustainability of relationship is questioned in this case by Section 4 of Canada’s immigration law.