Top Jobs in Canada in 2017 -that are making new immigrants settle much faster at fat salaries

Top jobs in Canada in 2017 are supposed to be the best ones around the globe as they offer significant income along with some great opportunities to grow. The healthy demand for qualified workforce calls for the talented job seekers, and there is always room for advancement.

Top Jobs in Canada in 2017

Top Jobs in Canada in 2017

As per the information available from the Employment and Social Development Canada and other public statistics, the Canadian employers are ranked highest for their offerings such as sky-high salaries, best growth opportunities and significant long term employment drives.

Although, every job has its own benefits and different people have different criteria to define the best job as per their requirement. Any particular ranking only describes the pecuniary interests rather than terms such as job satisfaction and other value added services.

Here, these are some of the best jobs in Canada that are based on the overall market opportunities, highest salaries, and fantastic career growth. These are the representation of the better job possibilities for the fresh talent that offer you some great benefits such as higher income and stability in any organization.

As per our research, there are eight major sectors that are providing the top career opportunities in Canada in the Year 2017, and these are

  • Technology

  • Manufacturing

  • Logistics

  • Office Administration

  • Engineering

  • Human Resource

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Finance and Accounting

While Technology is the most demanding sector in Canada, its emerging areas are networking, security, social media, mobile, DevOps and other tech fields.

On the other hand, the booming oil and gas industry in Canada has strengthened the economy and a rise in the manufacturing jobs.

Similarly, logistics and engineering industries are also growing and seeing the new scopes, mainly due to the rebounding manufacturing sector.

The economy of Canada faced a downturn in the year 2016 and is now recuperating from it at a significant pace. Hence, finance and marketing industries are also believed to see a drastic growth this year.

With all the industries booming, there is going to be a constant demand for the talented workforce, expanding the horizons of the HR and office administration sectors.