How you can fix Video online Job interview for landing a Job in Canada even before landing in Canada?

It is not always possible for us to attend the interview in person when it is scheduled or conducted in some another country. For instance, if you are applying for a job in Canada, then it is not possible for you to fly all the way there from your residence country just to give the interview. Well, what shall be done in that case? There are various ways to crack the interview without being present there physically. Owing to the advancement in the technology now you can take help of online Job interview for landing a Job in Canada even before landing in Canada.

online Job interview for landing a Job in Canada
Consider fixing online Job interview for landing a Job in Canada even before you actually land in Canada

Online Job interview for landing a Job in Canada- a New Emerging Trend

Discussions on online recruitments and online interviews are ever increasing. Video conferencing have been made easier than ever before with Skype.

Online interviews are growing in popularity with each passing day. Online interviews have made things easier a lot. Once you have searched the perfect job and received a positive response, all which is left is a perfect interview. For that, you don’t have to go down to that city. You can simply give your interview online with the right software. But before that, you must know a few things.

  • Make sure that you have the proper software

A Proper software is very important for a perfect interview. Well, you don’t have to code your own program but you must know and download the best software. Most of the interviewers prefer Skype, but some may ask for an alternative. In any case, you must install the software properly.

  • Prepare for the interview beforehand- Be sure of Canadian Context and etiquette

You must download the software, install it and then test it before your final interview so that you become acquainted with it. You can have video chats with your relatives and friends and in this way, you will know everything about the software. Prepare like any other interview and list your answers beforehand.

Prepare the questions you would prefer to ask your hiring manager. Make sure that you do some research about the company so that you know everything about it. You must always look towards the camera and not on the image of the interviewer on the screen. Practice the interview with any of your close friend. Be comfortable while you are talking t o them.

  • Dress up properly- A Business suit and a Tie would be great

Since it is not a walk-in interview it doesn’t mean that you will not wear your formals. You have to wear your formals even if it is an online interview. Don’t think about the fact that dressing up to the waist would be just fine. No. When you wear the full attire it will bring the mood of an interview. And you wouldn’t want to show your hiring manager your shorts if you had to get up for some reason.

  • Set up a proper background

Before the interview, you must choose a proper background. It definitely matters what can be seen in the background. Always prefer a neutral background which will have proper lights. Avoid sitting in front of a window or balcony otherwise, the light reflected will make your face unclear. Never give the interview in public places like a cyber café. Choose a friend’s home if you do not have the requirements for a video conference.

  • Avoid any form of interruptions during Interview

Let your family members know that you are busy in an interview or if you are in a hostel, tell your roommate beforehand to avoid any interruptions. If you have a sibling make sure they do not come interrupting in between the interview. Turn off any kind of notifications that may come. Put your phone in the silent mode and close any other page that is opened.

Keep in mind these points and do not be nervous. Maintain a stable eye contact and don’t look here and there. With these things in mind, you will surely crack your interview.

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