Hot Jobs in Canada where you can get hired within days after immigrating

Are you thinking of immigrating to Canada? But worried about Job scenario? Are you aware that there are about 20 professions in Canada offering you Jobs in Canada where you can land in a job almost immediately after landing or qualifying from 2 year College degree

In fact many of the unemployed graduates, who are looking for a good job for months have enrolled themselves for these professions/ study courses so as to get quick employment

The demand for these professionals is expected to last till 2020

Hot Jobs in Canada where you can get hired in matter of few days

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, that released a Canadian Labor Market Demand and Supply Report listed some twenty professions in Canada where the availability of qualified professionals is expected to be lesser than the market requirement in Canada has listed about 20 professions where the Jobs are more than the available supply of professionals.

Out of these jobs, only three types of Jobs require University Level Education and ten of them require only apprentice training

Hot Jobs in Canada where you can get hired in matter of few days
A speedometer needle speeds past the various stages of getting a job — the resume, the interview and success!

Here is the list from the report starting with secretaries, recorders and transcriptionists which is projected to have 71% of jobs in this area not being filled between now and 2020.

See the table below to check the extent of un-filled hot jobs in Canada and you can expect to be hired instantly as you land in Canada

Hot Jobs in Canada- Apply to get hired fast

S No Trade Qualification required and Unfilled Jobs
1 Upholsterers, tailors, shoe repairers, jewellers College degree, Some apprentice program would be added advantage and 65% of the Jobs are yet unfilled
2 Secretaries, recorders and transcriptionists College Degree, about 72% of the Jobs are unfilled
3 Agriculture, horticulture and aquaculture trades University degree required, about 40% of the Job unfilled, High Paying salaries
4 Supervisors, mining, oil and gas 50% of the Positions open, University degree required, Most of the Jobs are in Alberta or in Ontario
5 Logging and forestry workers


Only High School education required, 25% of the Jobs Open and yet to be filled
6 Supervisors, logging and forestry More than 60% of the positions Open – College Degree required. Diploma in this trade would be added advantage
7 Logging machinery operators Only High School education required and 40% of the Vacancies Open, Prior experience of three years a great advantage
8 Administrative support clerks


College degree required, Fluency in English an added advantage, 40% of the Positions Open
9 Technical jobs in libraries, archives, museums and galleries College degree required, Fluency in English an added advantage, 45% of the Positions Open
10 Insurance and real estate sales occupations and buyers Only High School Education Required, Fluency in English and Native Language of Home Country advantage, Prior Experience helpful but not essential, 35% of the Jobs Open
11 Transportation officers and controllers College degree required with 34% of the Jobs still open to be filled up
12 Administrative and regulatory occupations College degree required with 35% of the Jobs still open to be filled up
13 Truck and Bus Cleaners High school education required- 30% of the Jobs Open, Prior experience of three years added advantage
14 College and other vocational instructions University degree required, Four years of experience preferred, 40% of the Positions Open to be filled up
15 Stationary engineers and power station and system operators – 28% of jobs unfilled – College degree required with 35% of the Jobs still open to be filled up
16 Finance and insurance administrative occupations


College degree required with 30% of the Jobs still open to be filled up
17 Managers in protective service University Graduate, 40% of the positions open
18 Mine service workers and operators in oil and gas drilling Only High school education required, No experience essential, 35% of the Jobs yet to be filled up
19 Service station attendants, grocery clerks, shelf stockers and related Only High school education required, No experience essential, 30% of the Jobs yet to be filled up
20 Technical sales specialists, wholesale trade University Graduate, 25% of the positions open

If you are a qualified professional or experience holder in any of the trade and interested to Immigrate to Canada, you can expect getting hired in minimal amount of time at a reasonably good salary

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  • Ambrosia Cathy

    how to apply? is there any link?

  • Jovelyn Velez Galvez

    How to apply ?

    • monica9

      1. Register yourself with with Job sites , especially the leading ones such as Monster, Canadajobs

      2. Register with Job Placement consultants, that compile the vacancies suitable to your profile of job and also arrange interviews for you

      3. Make your Resume relevant to Canadian context

      • ehouston

        Hi monica,im a uk truck driver with many years european experience , are there many canadian truck companies employing foreign drivers ? I am single no kids etc

        • monica9

          Canadian truck Companies can technically employ foreign drivers, provided they are not able to get staff locally, which is not the case. You would have to apply for immigration first

  • Manjeet Singh

    My name is Manjeet Singh and currently I’m working in a 4*hotel(Dubai) as a security Manager.I am holding Dubai’s heavy vehicle driver license but never worked as a heavy driver.From last 14 years I’m working in this hospitality industry.In 2005 when I applied a heavy license in Dubai as per the requirement I changed my Visa status on passport and it stated driver profession during that time.I was a catering truck driver for a while in hotel.I am working in that same hotel till date and reached on this current position.I am 36 years old and I did my post graduation (Punjabi) in 2003.
    I just want to know that is there any visa program in which I can apply as per my job profile OR
    I have to switch my job and try to get heavy driver visa in Dubai so later I can apply as a heavy driver.
    Waiting for your reply.