Trump to add restrictions to US H1B, L1 Visas to prevent their misuse

United States, 19th December:

US President Elect Donald Trump to add restrictions to US H1B, L1 visas.

restrictions to US H1B, L1 visas
restrictions to US H1B, L1 visas

Trump plans to restrict issuing H1B and L1 Visas to end the abuse of US H1B and L1 Visa. This is in a bid to curb loss of American jobs.

“Trump is all set to add restrictions to US H1B and L1 visa program soon. “

Meanwhile, no issues have been raised about US E-2 Treaty Investor visa and US E1 Treaty Trader Visa program.

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No details about employment visas to be targeted—However, it is to be made clear that no details have been given by Trump regarding employment visas. Under current US immigration rules, US based firms can hire temporary skilled foreign workers on US H1B visas, US H2A visas, US H2B visas, L1B and L1A visas.

Would trump’s Plan lead to brain drain in US?- Trump’s plans are likely to result in brain drain as he wants to close door to skilled foreign workers. Speaking about the issue, executive director of, a tech-backed immigration lobbying firm, said that it will be an emotional toll on the immigrant community. Of course, there is going to be massive brain-drain as well.

Immigrants use asylum applications to delay possible deportation—Many immigrants in the US have been using asylum applications for avoiding possible deportation. At least, this route would enable delayed deportation for many of undocumented immigrants in the US.

The asylum claims will enable applicants to get US work permits and driver’s licenses as their applications pass through the adjudication process. Speaking about this, an immigration attorney in Norcross, Ga, Jerome Lee, said that its an aggressive technique. More and more such cases are coming up, Lee maintained.

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In the meanwhile Asylum applications in US on the increase-Meanwhile, official data confirming recent hike in asylum applications is not available yet. However, the practice has become widespread, affirmed an American Immigration Lawyers Association advisory last month.

Meanwhile, many in the legal community allege that increased number of such cases are proving a disadvantage for the genuine and bona fide claims. That’s due to the increasing backlogs of asylum applicants.

On the other hand, supporters say that its, undoubtedly, a legitimate practice. This is especially so as the Congress does not reform the US Immigration system. Moreover, it’s being viewed as a move against Trump’s crackdown on undocumented immigrants.

Trump has vowed to deport nearly two to three million undocumented immigrants, especially those guilty of criminal offenses. Its estimated as per the Migration Policy Institute, that there are nearly 820,000 criminal offenders in the US.

Who can get asylum under the US laws?—Those who can show a well-founded fear of getting persecuted in their own nation can get asylum. However, it’s a long process. An applicant gets placed in removal proceedings if he or she is denied asylum. This gives them more time for staying in the US.

Will Policies of Trump make US a better place to live? What do you feel? Will Jobs in US increase for US citizens or would it lead to brain drain from US and create chaos in US? Please share your views in Comments below.

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