New Zealand cuts down on number of Student Visas for Students from India

New Zealand, 6th December: New Zealand drops New Student Visas for Indians.

There has been a noticeable fall in visas being issued.

New Zealand Drops New Student Visas for IndiansNew Zealand drops New Student Visas for Indian students—New Zealand drops New Student visas for Indian students. New Zealand recently announced toughening of its visa rules for international students.

In the past five months, as suggested by official figures released, the number of New Zealand study visas issued have been almost halved.

“ New Zealand has toughened student visa rules leading to a significant fall in number of visas issued in the last couple of months. “

There is no denying the fact that New Zealand has dropped issuing new study visas to Indian students. The number of New Zealand study visas issued between July and October 2016 is said to be 3,102.

This is only 48 percent of the total 6,462 New Zealand student visas issued in the same duration last year. And the reason is tougher New Zealand student visa rules.

Crackdown on New Zealand Immigration

Too little money, English reasons behind New Zealand study visa drop—Too little money and English are the reasons behind significant drop in New Zealand study visas. as per the details, majority of Indians coming to New Zealand had too little money and too little English knowledge of English.

Students from India were coming with too less money to support their stay in New Zealand.

Speaking about the issue, international education spokesperson of Independent Tertiary Education New Zealand(ITENZ), Richard Goodall, stated that good institutes will cope up with the fall in student enrollments. However, he added that others may be out of business.

The number of New Zealand visa approvals was quite low. Meanwhile, the caliber of international students was quite higher, he added.

Its unclear why New Zealand student visas are being denied in many cases, argued Auckland International Education Group. International students who might have been granted New Zealand student visas previously are being refused. Hence, it is strange enough.

What New Zealand has to say about the issue?—Well, New Zealand Tertiary Education minister Steven Joyce stated that lower number of New Zealand visa approvals was going to continue for some time.