In-demand jobs in Canada with high salary

blog640x235-2Exploring the best career prospects is there on everyone’s list however a career change is always a tough decision to make. Whether it is about selecting the first job for you or identifying the best next job for yourself – both takes a toll on you. Finding yourself a high salary job tops the list of many other aspects that follow whenever you are considering a movement in your professional career.

No analysis or list can actually make you decide on the most suitable job for you on a personal note however it can surely help you in exploring and understanding what the job market holds for you. Canada offers high salaries to those who are really experienced and deserving without a fail.

Here we share with you the list of the best high-paying and in-demand jobs for you:

  • database-administrator-jobsDatabase Administrator

With an average salary of $97,258, the profile of database administrator stands indispensable in every organisation’s growth and survival. They form the base for all the planning, monitoring and backing up of any and every firm’s data utilizing the latest softwares and technologies at hand. A Computer Science degree holder is good to go for this job.

  • aaeaaqaaaaaaaan2aaaajge1n2y0nzcxlwjlntktngjmns05mthilty4mtzhodnlndnjywMarketing Manager

The average base salary can be anywhere around $100,229. A marketing manager decides where a company will rank in the days to come. He/she is responsible for the overall marketing strategies focusing the short term as well as long term goals of any and every company. The aspirants with a zest to sell and convince the masses will undoubtedly steal the show.

While Generally immigrants have to struggle for jobs in Canada, there are some very high paying jobs in Canada, which can make an immigrant feel like king

  • computer-hardware-engineerComputer Hardware Engineer

Anyone holding a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Hardware field is suitable for a computer hardware engineer’s job. With an average salary of $101,154, the one who loves to try his/her hands at creating new hardware technologies to assist the organizations in their working is ideal to pursue a career here.

  • Quality Assurance Manager

Quality supersedes all the other functions in an organization irrespective of the scale and line of operations. A compromise in quality can make big empires fall. A quality assurance manager is the one who takes cares that all the processes and regulations are adhered to. The average salary is approximately $82,713.

  • Health & Community Services Manager

With the median salary of $104,541, the group of senior government workers holds a place of importance by catering to the needs of society and community as a whole by directing and administering the development of health care policies, social policies and oversee programs.

  • Security Engineer

Hacking – a pain for everyone nowadays. No organization leaves any stone unturned while ensuring right assets and resources in place to prevent hacking. A Security Engineer does what it takes to keep hackers away. With an average salary of $102,749, they are integral for keeping any company’s data safe and secure all the time.

  • Data Scientist

Data is of no use till the time it is exploited and worked upon to arrive at some concrete information. This is what a data scientist does i.e. uncover insights and knowledge that is hidden deep inside the data accumulated over time. The average salary is approximately $71,336.

  • Physician Assistant

An average salary of $110,871 is what embarks the journey of a physician assistant who is an expert in analysing medical history, assisting in diagnosing ailments and interpreting results thereof. Undoubtedly an important part of the growing health care industry globally.

  • Tax Manager

With a median salary of $114,966, Tax Managers deal with handling the tax planning and execution for all. An accounting degree is mandatory since that gives you an upper hand in the preparation and compliance aspects of tax planning and dealings.

  • Physician

With so many new health ailments that have come up in the recent past, the demand for physicians is touching the sky. With an average salary of $212,270, the demand for medical professionals has never seen a downward trend and continues to rule over any other professional globally.

The list is long but one thing is for sure that the salaries to these professions are always on an upward trend due their indispensable roles in the economy on the whole. The professionals from these sectors really have an incredible scope to grow once they immigrate to Canada.

  • Rasiah

    i’m a quality assurance executive over four years in food manufacturing industry with university degree in food science and technology. meets qualifications to fill an express entry, what is the possibility of getting a valid job offer? is there any one to give direct answer please?

    • monica9

      See, the possibility of getting direct Job offer is almost 100% if you work in right direction. You need to understand that no employer in Canada (or may be anywhere else too) would have time to respond to you unless Either your skill sets are Exclusive OR you have a sure date of landing there.

      That is why else where on this site, we did insisted that you need to hire a placement consultant who can market your resume in Canadian Market, fix interviews for you either tele call Or video calls, get some decent time for you to land there and take your headache off on this aspect. Leaving it to professionals will help

      In the meanwhile do register with leading job websites as workopolis, monster etc

      • Rasiah

        Thank you monica,

        Your idea seems to be much better
        confuse is the reliability in the placement consultant.

        • monica9

          I can understand
          But hire him on success fee basis so that they have interest in your success, pay only 10%, Also hire in three places, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary

          Chances of success are 1) Toronto, 2 Calgary and 3 Vancouver in this order

  • Vikas

    Hi, Iam applying Canadian PR from India. I have 10 years of Business Analyst experience in India, UK and USA. what is the chances of getting a Job from India

  • Kathir Siva

    What about the job opportunity for a master in automotive engg graduate (from univ of Windsor)​ in CANADA?

    • monica9

      Great Opportunities but must prefer to settle in Ottawa, not in BC or Alberta

      • Kathir Siva

        Should​ I also look for placement consultant to land a job after masters?

        • monica9

          Yes, would be good to register yourself with various job portals/ job consultants

  • Amita

    Can anyone please help for the possibilities for an Telecom Engineer (8 years of work exp) and a Banker (5 years of work exp) getting a Job in Canada with PR in hand??

    • monica9

      A Telecom Engineer can easily get a Job in Toronto area in about 2 months time, Use his contacts for networking, may be use services of Job Placement consultants Job for a banker is also available easily but in some cases, one may have to work on pay per performance basis+some fixed salary

  • Divya

    Can anyone tell me the possibilities of getting job in Canada if I obtain a PR from India for a data analyst job? I have 5 years of exp with QA and 3 years with data analyst using various BI tools.

    • monica9

      Suggest prefer Toronto Fort Mc Murray for Data Analysts Jobs

  • Hreshi Kish

    Can 3d animators and game animators get easy jobs in canada? if so, any province you can name?

    • monica9

      Try Toronto Province. or Vancouver, These two provinces have highest rate of growth in IT industry

  • Michael Sarfo

    can mechanical engineers easily get jobs in toronto?

    • monica9

      Aggressive followup with Placement consultants, Good resume, Some Networking and resume listing at good job portals, would be some vital factors. In addition if you are ready to work under a mentor, you can hope to get a decent job in about 30-45 days

  • Sudheer Kodathalapalli

    I’m a Assistant Professor with eight years experience in teaching at engineering colleges in India with university master degree in mechanical engineering from America , meets qualifications to fill an express entry, what is the possibility of getting a valid job offer ?after getting PR? is there any one to give direct answer please?

  • Jasleen Kaur

    I am a software engineer with 2 years of experience in application development. Any suggestions regarding the province and the kind of jobs in IT sector I should go for?

    • monica9

      Go for Db administrator and try any province. Even BC has lot of opportunities, Must have patience for 2 months or so to land a great job

      • Jasleen Kaur

        I have an experience in C#. Should I start preparing for database then?

        • monica9

          C# jobs would be lesser in number, though these do exist

  • Sudheer Kodathalapalli

    monica can you suggest me?

  • Charles Elemchukwu-Ohia

    Hello Monica,
    I am a potential immigrant and I have a Masters degree in Environmental Management from a UK university as well as the NEBOSH IGC certification in Occupational Health and Safety. How best can you advise me on job opportunities?

  • Suman Arvind

    Hello Monica
    I am a primary care physician in New Delhi, India with 15 yrs of experience in private clinic ,could you please tell me if there is any future for me as a physician in any province of Canada,preferably Ontario,Quebec,British Columbia.How suitable it would for me as a physician?

  • Parminder Singh Khanduja

    How about a job in hospitality or tourism sector in canada? Are there any scope for this sector???

  • Pramod Menon

    Hi I have experience of 16 years in dairy sector in the field of project finance, sectoral analyst. I am looking to migrate to Canada. What are prospects for me in the field of finance particularly in social and development sector.

  • Ashutosh Tiwari (Ash T)

    Can anyone help me by telling which province will be the best for a law background international student ?